Saturday 4th June, 7.30pm
Melbourne Recital Centre – Salon
imogen manins – cello, david jones – percussion
tony gould – piano

It’s the middle of autumn already, and we can’t believe it’s nearly time for our very special trio concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre’s Salon. This is one of our favourite concerts of the year – certainly a unique one which we hope to share with many of you.
click here to book: Melbourne Recital Centre or call T: +61 (0)3 9699 3333

It’s a really a spectacular atmosphere at the Salon, and the space suits our music perfectly. The set-up is intimate ‘cabaret style’ which means chairs & tables, with food and beverages available for purchase.

We’ll be playing some great new material which has not quite made it’s way onto a new cd yet as well as some more familiar pieces….

If you have friends who may be interested, please let them know by forwarding this email – they can subscribe to out gigmail here:


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Finding a Dentist Sydney for Your Family

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